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Winsome Minott

Winsome Minott

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Friday, 08 May 2015 22:14

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Monday, 06 April 2015 21:06


Case Study: Robert Levy  CD


Robert Levy: Entrepreneur

Sex: Male

Age: 74 (at the date of interview)

Age at start of business: 18

Firm: Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies


Areas for consideration included: ethnicity, family background, financial capability, experience, marketing, technology and resilience.


Family Background and Ethnicity


Mr. Robert Levy’s father, Sydney Levy, was an entrepreneur. In 1957 he started Jamaica Broilers Limited (JBL),  a small family business that imported baby chicks from the United States.  Mr. Robert Levy, much like his father, and uncles  possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. He was able to transform a small family business into one of the Caribbean’s leading agro-industry successes. Robert Levy married Judy McDonald and together they have four children: Christopher, Wendy, Amanda and Stephen.    


Sydney was one of five brothers better known as the Levy brothers, who together seeded several entrepreneurial ventures. They operated a successfully company, Levy Brothers Limited . One branch of the Levy family hailed from Portugal.


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