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Income Tax Threshold Increase Set for January 1, 2015

Income Tax Threshold Increase Set for January 1


Published on Monday, 22 December 2014

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) wishes to advise that on January 1, 2015 an increase in the Income Tax threshold will take effect. The new threshold or tax-free income will move to $557,232 per annum, up from $507,312 per annum.

The increase in the threshold means that the corresponding tax-free portion to be used by employers in making periodic payments is as follows:

$10,716 weekly
$21,432 fortnightly
$46, 436 monthly
$139,308 quarterly

The public is reminded that income in excess of the threshold will continue to be taxed at 25%.

With the increase in the threshold, the tax paid per annum by each individual will reduce by $12,480.00 (i.e. 557,232 – 507,312 = $49,920 x 25%), while the net effect for each individual per quarter will be a reduction in tax of $3,120.00.

Self-Employed individuals, are advised that the new threshold is to be used to file their estimated income tax return for the 2015 year of assessment, due March 15 and make payments for the same year in four equal installments by March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15 of each year.

Pensioners and persons sixty-five and over are further reminded that in addition to the threshold they are entitled to a pension exemption of $80,000 and an age exemption of $80,000, respectively.

The adjustment in the threshold forms part of the Government’s revenue measures tabled in parliament during the 2014/2015 budget presentation.

For further information persons may contact Customer Care Centre at 1-888-Tax-Help (1-888-829-4357) toll-free or visit our website

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